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The History and Geography of New York State
I am so excited about this curriculum!  I spent the last four years working on it, from developing a book list, to using it for a year with my son, to researching and writing the text and including the links. "The History and Geography of New York State" is a very flexible curriculum.  We used it for a year (and still revisit it from time to time, as there was more than could be done in a year!), but you can use it for as short or long a time as you want.  This is a downloadable PDF file, sold through Currclick.

Subjects include:
The Hudson River
Henry Hudson
The Great Lakes
Native Americans
The Erie Canal                                                                                     
The Catskill Mountains
The Underground Railroad
Ellis Island and Immigration
Robert Fulton
New York City

Each of these chapters begins with a color photograph or picture, and a narrative about the subject.  These narratives include enough information to stand by themselves.  However, if you wish to get more involved, you can take advantage of the recommended books, activities, field trips, and websites.  

Included with the price of the book is access to the website.  Included on the site are links to many of the recommended books, as well as a news page for updated information about New York State. 

If you live in New York, this is a great resource to learn about your state.  If you don't live in New York, you can still benefit, as these subjects span the history of the United States.  As I've written in the introduction to "The History and Geography of New York State:"   "I truly believe that if you get a grasp of things that have happened in New York, you will have a good foundation for understanding this great nation of ours."

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