Thursday, January 28, 2010

Starting Out

Hello, this is my very first post.  Today was a snow day, so I decided to start a blog.  My husband, Mike, actually called in to work for the first time in 22 years, and is now snuggle-sleeping in the chair with my 20-month old daughter (cute!)  Rory is busy watching Anastasia on TV, something he is usually not allowed to do on school days.  But, hey, it's a snow day, right?  They both just got finished shoveling the driveway.  Mike had to shovel so that he could get to the hardware store to buy new elements for the hot water heater.  It is officially not working, so I have spent the day boiling water on the stove so that we could wash dishes, hands, etc.  I also made some bread, and we're getting ready to make ice cream in our hand-crank ice cream maker (fun!)  Rory is ready - we haven't done it for over a year, but with all this snow to use, who could resist?  We also have leftover candy canes from Christmas to add to the ice cream - yum!

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  1. ROBIN!!!!!!! Oh my word, you started a blog!!! Good job. :-) I'm glad you got your hot water heater working.


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