Thursday, May 6, 2010


Sadly, we lost one of our "Lucy's".  I left the garage door open for a little while yesterday while I weeded the garden.  The next thing I know, Rory is running out the door after the cat, who is after one of the chickens.  We got that chicken rescued, but then realized that there were only four left in the garage.  We searched for the lost one off and on for the rest of the day, but we never found her.  So, we are down to...5 chickens, 7 Lucy's, 8 pets.  Rory had to draw a picture of his family in his handwriting book today, and then practice writing their names.  He wrote:  Lily, Rory, Mom, Dad, Teddy, Lucy 1, Lucy 2, Lucy 3, Lucy 4, Lucy 5, Lucy 6, Lucy 7.  He shouldn't forget how to write Lucy any time soon.

This is an article I read on another blog.  Help! My Child Does Not See Me As An Authority  I think I'm going to try some of the suggestions.  Rory still doesn't want to come, or do anything else, when told.  Maybe he would learn easier if it was a "practice."

Our schedule is working moderately well.  The one day that we managed to follow it almost perfectly was a pretty good day.  We didn't stay on too well today, because I realized that we had put going to the Library when Lily is supposed to take her nap.  So, I decided to go this morning instead.  Of course, Lily didn't take a nap, anyway.  She fell asleep at 7:00 after almost falling asleep in her soup.  Then, she got up at 9:00 and is still up, now, at 11:00.  To Be Continued...

I've decided to try Flylady.  It is a web-based group that helps you step by step to get control over your home.  They will hopefully help me to stay on track.  At least they seem to be real enough to realize that it won't all be done in one day.  That's comforting.

My canned chicken stock seems to have worked - I used some, and it was good!  So, I got some more jars, and am going to try black beans, and maybe asparagus and rhubarb, depending on their price at the farm stand tomorrow.  If I ever get to bed tonight.  11:53, and Lily is still going strong.  So much for schedules.

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