Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Some Progress

Hello.  I'm back (even if you didn't know I was gone!)  We have had a few "technical difficulties" around here.  First, our electricity was out for two days, and then our phone was out for one.  Hence, no internet.  The time in between these events was used trying to get ourselves back in order.  "Camping" in the house is not all it's cracked up to be.  It did get me out of cooking any meals on Mother's Day, however!  The frigid weather (and frigid house) also gave us the excuse to go shopping and get our vacuum cleaner head fixed.

Just so you know...current chicken count is still 6 (as of noon today).

Rory has actually been coming when called most of the time!  Lily comes when she sees Rory coming.  Basically, Lily does everything Rory does.  Rory even came the other night when he was in the middle of reading a comic book with Dad!  I wanted him to set the table, so I called him.  He said "Yes, Ma'am" and came right away.  I told him it was time to set the table, and he asked if he could finish the comic book first.  I said yes, so he went back in and finished the book, then came and finished the table.  No crying!  Yay!  We're still doing our schedule part of the time (of course it didn't work particularly well during our power outage).  It also didn't work very well yesterday, because Lily was sick.  She's still sick, today, but is a little better and hasn't needed to be held all day at least.  I am really annoyed about the doctor.  It's not her fault, but Lily is hardly ever sick.  Every time I take her for a "well-child" visit, however, she ceases being a "well-child," and ends up with a cold or flu or something.  Maybe that's why she cries so much at the doctor's office.  She knows what is coming.

I'm still trying to follow Flylady.  Of course, it is an internet-based thing, so I missed a few days with the whole non-internet period.  It's probably just as well, because I'm still trying to get used to doing the little bit that I have started already.   The hardest part is wearing SHOES all the time!  I can see her point to a degree, as it keeps you from lounging around instead of working, but I'm pretty used to doing everything without shoes, so wearing them doesn't really motivate me to work any harder.  The only good thing is that I don't have to find shoes when I want to go outside for some reason, but then if it's raining or I'm gardening or feeding the chickens, I come in with dirty shoes and need to change them anyway.  I think I'm going back to my usual slippers or bare feet.  Sorry, Flylady!  At least I've been mostly keeping my sink clean - I even got all my kitchen counters cleaned off!  Now for the desk...............

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  1. Sorry Lily has been sick, but good for Rory on the listening! I did Flylady for a while and skipped the part about the shoes. I couldn't get used to them for the same reason you have.


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