Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Protecting the Innocent

We live in a world of "bigger equals better".  It is very easy to fall into the mentality of needing more, better, faster, etc. but is this really better?  We went to the circus on Monday.  It was a very small circus, only one ring.   Very few performers.  The animals were limited to one horse and a few dogs.  Most of the performers  did double duty as roadies and popcorn vendors.  There was an ancient bouncy house for the kids to play in, which was held together by duct tape.  They were in town for one day only...two performances.  Having been around a while, I could see the struggle of this small group of performers, but to my seven year old, it was magic!  He was mesmerized by the person in a huge costume made of tubes, making them look like some sort of living Slinky.  He was scared and elated at the same time to get to ride on the circus horse during intermission.  He was flying in his imagination with the lady who was swinging from the ceiling by ropes.  The slightly stale popcorn was great because he shared it with his friend and his sister.  We live relatively close to New York City, and would be able to go to amazing performances, if we wanted to.  But, do we really want to?  Is it really better?  I am sure my son would love it.  But do I want him, at seven, to have seen it all?  Do I want him to be jaded, and to notice the duct tape?  I don't think so.  Childhood is getting shorter all the time.  I want my children to enjoy theirs as long as possible.  Send in the clowns!

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