Friday, July 9, 2010

Rory's "Liquid Ice" Recipe

From Rory:
I've got a recipe that I made up.  It's really good.  You should try it.  You take any kind of liquid drinkable and put it in the blender along with some ice.  Then, with the ice and the liquid that you picked out, turn the blender on, and let the grinding begin!  Then, when it's all done, take it out, get a cup, but be careful of spills.  Then, put it in a cup, and put a straw in it.  Yum, yum!


  1. Sounds good! Tell Rory he forgot to add, "Finally, wash the dishes and clean up the kitchen for your mother!" lol

  2. Haha - I told Rory, and he looked a bit confused!

  3. Hey Robin. I hope your enjoying your summer. Maybe I can stop by for a visit soon?


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