Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Abandoned to the State

Check out this case in Massachusetts -Abandoned to the State - It is amazing to me how little say parents have in the public school system.  Coming from the other side, as a child of a school teacher, and with a degree in education, I have seen how teachers are losing authority in the schools.  So my question is, who is in charge, here?  It doesn't seem to be anyone who actually knows and cares for the students, (i.e. parents or teachers).  So, please click on the link.  It is the story of a father who was actually jailed for asking to have his kindergartener exempted from sexual information in school.  Add this to reasons I homeschool!


  1. Oh us too. Our oldest had a very brief stint in gov. school as a 6th grader- she was being difficult at home, we enrolled her in the local school. The plan basically backfired because she liked the social aspect- we pulled out after about a week and a half. This occurred about 10 years ago. First I had an encounter with the pricipal over **x ed; in order to opt out, I had read the material in front of the principal- I refused, my mind was already made up, I did not need to read the material...I literally sat in the office, looked directly at that principal and flipped through the pages, then said where do I sign; she was livid, but there was nothing she could do, she couldn't actually force me to read the information. A few days later, I made a "surprise" all day visit to the classroom. Of course it was well planned on our part, Hubby had to take the day off and stay home with the little children... The teacher and the principal were steaming, again there was nothing they could do though. This was back when the h**y P....r novel was new, we absolutely do not allow those books, the teacher was reading it aloud to the class, we made a request that our daughter be allowed to leave the room during that time- which they did grant. That was all we could take, we ended up pulling her from the school, never to enter a gov. school again. Yes, they want your children in there, to be washed in whatever the current agenda is. It's down right frightening.

  2. The only problem with articles like that (which I had a problem with even when I homeschooled) is that they operate on fear-mongering and don't give you the whole picture. I mean a lot depends on how crazy the father was acting in the school and whether he was shouting and being threatening. You know what I mean?

    I think like everything, God can work in any situation. Yes, there is bureaucracy that has an agenda, but my experience so far, at least at the high school level, they welcome interaction and parent's to be involved.

    In fact, it seems to be the opposite problem here. Parents are NOT involved. At the open house last night, out of a class of 25 students there were only three parents there. It is sad!

  3. I read the article and thought: Hey, at least they are allowed to homeschool their kids! I know, that not everyone can or wants to do this, but, I wish I had the choice! Here in Germany homeschooling is forbidden. Parents who are worried because of unappropriate sexual education at school and do not send their children to this classes are imprisoned at this very moment. And they cannot just educate their children at home - children were taken away from their families in some cases already. Many families leave Germany because of that.
    So - if I had the opportunity I'd take my kids home!
    Sorry, I have strong feelings about this topic and sometimes don't find the right words.

    Greetings from Germany!

  4. Wow, there are a lot of different sides to this one, aren't there? Thank you for all of the feedback! And to conversatioincaelis, welcome! I've heard of some of the difficulties with homeschooling in Germany, and you are absolutely right. We are fortunate here in the United States to have this freedom. I will be praying for you and your children! I know that God can protect them, even in difficult circumstances.

  5. Thank you, Robin, for your welcome and your prayers! I'm glad, you understand my sorrow. Over here people rarely understand. Some even assume you want to isolate your kids to raise subversives...
    I hope and pray that the situation will change some day. And that my children will be protected by the Lord.
    I appreciate every single prayer for all families under pressure.
    Blessings to you!


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