Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Fox and the Chicken - by Rory

Today, the chickens were outside, and I was doing my schoolwork.  Mom and Lily were doing the bread.  Everything was going alright.  And then, I saw a fox running away with a chicken in its mouth!  I don't know if the chicken was dead, but it wasn't moving.  I went inside, and ran around the house saying, "Fox ran away with a chicken!  Fox ran away with a chicken!  Fox ran away with a chicken!"  When I got back outside, the fox and the chicken were gone.  I gave Mom all the information I could give her.  I figured that it ran across the road with a chicken in its mouth.  It went down our neighbor's slope.  I think it went into the woods.  We got it settled over.  I got back to my schoolwork.  Mom and Lily got back to the bread, and I told Mom that if that fox ever came around anymore, I would throw rocks at him until he dropped the chicken and ran away.


  1. Rory, you did a wonderful job! Great writing skills. Keep up the good work. Sorry about that pesky fox!

  2. How Cute Rory. Mommy is teaching you well. Great job. I look forward to more stories from you.


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