Monday, February 7, 2011

Book Review - "A Compromised Generation" by Beth Lambert

"A Compromised Generation:  The Epidemic of Chronic Illness In America's Children" was written by Beth Lambert, with Victoria Kobliner, MS, RD.  It was published in 2010 by First Sentienent Publications.

Anyone who has children, or spends time with children, has probably noticed that our children seem to have more medical issues than past generations.  In this book, Beth Lambert gives a compelling argument that our environment and lifestyles are contributing to diverse maladies such as Autism, ADHD, Celiac disease, and allergies.  Many parents are concerned about what has happened to their children, and unsure about what to do about it.  Potential parents are worried about having children at all, given the possibilities of having a chronically ill child.  This book addresses those issues very well.

Ms. Lambert has done a huge amount of research in this area.  She methodically presents her case, which is that our children are in danger, and then proceeds to tell us why.  Her premise is that there is not one thing that causes Autism, for example.  It is a "perfect storm" of influences.  She also presents the idea that each child reacts in a different way to those influences, depending on their own constitution, how many environmental factors they are encountering, and even the timing of those factors.  The reaction could be unnoticeable in one child, and cause neurological or physical problems in another.  She reviews five different factors:  Medication Overusage, Environmental Toxins/Pollution, Diet and Nutrition, Habits and Lifestyles, and Immunizations.  She ends the book with case studies of children who have been healed from their "chronic" diseases, and a chapter on how to prevent these things in our own children.

I was very impressed by this book.  It it very well-organized, well-researched, and well-notated. It gave me insight into things that I can do for my own children, as well as hope that any mistakes I have made can be remedied in some way.  I would recommend it to anyone who has children, wants to have children, or cares for children.  The author includes a note at the beginning, stating that she documented all of the research presented in the endnotes to leave a "breadcrumb trail" for others to follow.  She also hopes to provide support and guidance to parents.  I believe she accomplished her aim.

Ms. Lambert also has a website based on the book, where you can get more information about these issues.  You can also sign up for e-mails as more information becomes available (I just did!).  The website is:


  1. This sounds like an interesting and very timely book. I will take a look at the author's website.

  2. Great review!

    I just met Beth this weekend at an Autism event near me. I bought her book and she signed it for me as well. She emailed me that night with more information.

  3. Suzanne, I hope you enjoy the book. The website is great, and you can sign up to receive updates by e-mail. Beth is also on Twitter, if you're interested.
    MommyToTwoBoys, I would love to meet her! I hope you enjoy the book. I was excited yesterday to get an e-mail from Beth, thanking me for the review on my blog! I just about fell off my chair!


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