Friday, August 26, 2011

Are You Prepared?

This is turning out to be quite the week in this part of the woods. We live in "upstate" New York, and are experiencing some pretty strange things. Earlier this week, we had an earthquake. Okay, it wasn't big, but I have lived here almost 20 years, and have never experienced one before. Apparently it was a shock from the one in Virginia. Now, we are bracing for Hurricane Irene. Can you believe it? A Hurricane in New York?

Well, having never experienced a hurricane before, I checked out the preparedness list on the Weather Channel. And I've determined that we are unlikely to be as prepared as they recommend. I can make sure we have batteries for the flashlights and water in the bathtub. I can get some non-perishable food. I doubt we will get the windows all boarded up, seeing as I don't think we have that much wood laying around. We don't have a generator, so we will expect to have water in our basement without the sump pump being able to pump it out. Some things may just have to be dealt with. Then, I remember seeing pictures of houses completely destroyed by hurricanes, so I wonder if we'll have anything left.

It's really easy to get into a panic when facing the unknown. I can worry about all of my stuff getting damaged. I can worry about someone getting hurt. In my mind's eye I can see us crouching down in the middle of the house, waiting for days until someone gets us out, or trying to cut a hole to the roof like people did during Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. But all of this worry is not going to change what will happen.

The truth is, no one knows what will happen. Our area is not used to hurricanes, and most people are being taken by surprise. Most of us will be under-prepared if it hits hard here. But are we ever really prepared? Do we ever really know what will happen tomorrow, or even today? Not really. There is always a possibility that something could happen to our stuff or our house, or even ourselves. We need to be prepared every day of our lives.

As a Christian, being prepared is not so much about boarding up your windows and putting water in your bathtub as it is about opening your heart and putting your life in God's hands. Remember that God is truly in control, and He has numbered your days. We don't really "own" anything here on Earth, but are storing up treasures in Heaven, and those treasures are based on the good that we do, not the goods that we have. I don't know what will happen tomorrow, but I believe that God will make sure we are taken care of, as He always has. "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." Philippians 4:13.

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  1. We felt the tremors of the earthquake all the way down here in North Carolina. Never before have we had that. We have gone through a few hurricanes before, but we definitely do not know what the future will hold…that is why we must trust in the One who holds the future!


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