Monday, October 10, 2011

Da-Ta-Daa!!! The Winner!!!

Okay, everyone, it is official.  The My Memories Suite Contest is officially closed.  Thank you to all who entered, and all who took the time to go to the website and learn about the software!  Rory just pulled a name out of the hat (actually my husband's grandpa's gray dress hat), and the winner is...Joel!  I will e-mail you with the instructions to download the software!  

Now, for everyone who didn't win (sniff!)  I can still offer you $10 off the software.  Just copy and paste my code, STMMMS61757, and use it at the checkout when you buy My Memories Suite Version 2.  The software only costs $39.97 USD, so you will be getting about 25% off!  Happy Digital Scrapbooking, everyone! 

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