Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Home

The dishes may not all be done,
And dirty socks may be in one
Or two spots that they shouldn’t be,
But what is all of that to me
When a little girl has set up Tea?

The garden has a few more weeds
Than probably the produce needs,
And possibly a bug at play,
But they will last another day
When a boy of mine needs to pray.

I’m not a fashion model, and
I don’t wear diamonds on my hand,
Or pretty baubles in my ear,
But I am making time to hear
The trials of my husband dear.

The company that comes to call
May needs look down so not to fall,
And step around a thing or two,
But if they care to kick off shoes,
A listening ear and tea will do.

I’m not a perfect housekeep, or
The type to get it done and more,
Sometimes I find my house, it seems
Much better in my waking dreams,
But home is what the heart esteems.

So I will focus on the best,
A little work, a little rest,
And time for all who come aboard,
Time of prayer to hear my Lord,
And love, the everlasting cord.
Moms Against Manic Mondays


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