Monday, July 16, 2012

The Unseen Army

I wish I could post a real picture here of the vision I got in church yesterday.  We had a song service, which means the congregation got to pick songs pretty much all morning.  There was no sermon, but someone shared a scripture, someone else commented on a song, and we prayed.  Otherwise, we sang.

I play the piano at our church, and sit facing the congregation.  Someone had picked "Onward Christian Soldiers" as the hymn.  As we were singing the third verse, which goes;  "Like a mighty army moves the Church of God; Brothers, we are treading where the saints have trod.  We are not divided, all one body we, one in hope and doctrine, one in charity."  I looked up at the congregation.

-We do not attend a large church.  I think there are about 40 men, women, and children on any given Sunday.  Yesterday was even a little smaller, as some were sick and some were travelling.  So this cannot be considered much of an army.  But when I looked out at the congregation, I saw just that!  Every place was filled.  I saw the people who attended that morning, looking as they had looked since they got there, and in between, in all of those empty spaces, I saw these sort of faded or transparent people.  At first I was a little afraid, and then I realized that they were a mixture of angels, and people who had been at the church some other time.

I knew we were not alone.  We were not insignificant.  We had back-up!  Our small group of saints was part of a great army, and we are all standing side by side.

We really can sing "Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war, with the cross of Jesus going on before!"

Before you call the loony bin, I am not prone to delusions.  I have never had an experience like this before.  I have had God give me thoughts, and words, and realizations, but never before have I had a vision.  I don't know that I ever will, again.  But I thank Him for this one.  It has given me more resolve to keep fighting, and to keep working.  May God be praised!


  1. What a beautiful picture, Robin! I know you're not looney. ;-)


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