Thursday, October 16, 2014


I am so proud of my boy!  He is working on Geometry this year for math, and has really enjoyed drawing the geometric constructions in his curriculum.  There have been a few tears, but he is gaining more confidence in his abilities.

Well, his history/literature curriculum required him to learn about the Quakers and write about them in his notebook.  During his research, he found this (ignore the pencil marks!):
Quaker Star
So, he decided to replicate it for math.  He thought he was getting away with something...heeheehee... by not working in his actual math book.  It turned out a little trickier than he thought.  So, one day and several failed attempts later, he finally came up with this:
Rory's Quaker Star

I am so proud!  This is the kid who got so irritated with his Draw Write Now book in first grade that he never finished it, because he couldn't make the pictures look right.  He is finally learning to keep trying, to not get upset, and to accept his best as good enough.  This is the only "school" subject he did today, but he learned so much more than geometry or history, don't you think?

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  1. I love it when they take the initiative to try things on their own, even if it was not in your " lesson plan " for the day, and your brain is screaming " OMG we did not get anything done today "! I usually end up seeing that we did far more than my " lesson plans " could have ever considered !


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