Monday, November 23, 2015

A Little Wild

A Little Wild

In the heart of every child,
God has left a little wild.
 A place that no one else can claim.
A place that He alone can tame.

A child's soul contains a land
Untouched by any human hand
Where never any man has trod 
Except the child, himself, and God.

A child needs to have some space
Far removed from life's hard race.
Peace and quiet, open air,
Time away from strife and care.

Space and time, a place to be
Alone, with just his God and he,
Where he can find the time to muse, 
To think and dream, not win or lose.

A little space that's just as wild
As the place inside the child.
A space not engineered at all,
Where he can listen for God's call.

The call of God upon the child
Into that place that was left wild
Becomes a vine, which as it grows
Entwines with what the child knows.

The lessons learned, the wisdom won,
The memories of things he's done,
The books he's read, the games he's played,
And even he who once has strayed

Will, when his wandering days abate
Find once again the secret gate.
And as he opens up the door
Will find himself alone once more.

But not alone, for God is there
Waiting patiently with care.
For even if we choose to roam,
We always have a way back home.

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