Monday, February 1, 2010

Cold Ice Cream and Hot Water!

We have the technology!  First for the water heater - we had the top element working, but not the bottom.  This was okay as long as you only wanted hot water for 5 minutes.  Not good for hubby, who enjoys l o o o o n g showers.  Also difficult when washing dishes or diapers.  So, enter the plumber.  Praise God - it was only a broken wire, which he was able to fix for only the cost of a service call!  Hubby officially tested the water this afternoon, and was pleased to see that he was able to shower long enough to produce steam on the mirror.  My man will do anything for his family, you see.
And now for the ice cream.  After the grave disappointment of last Thursday, Rory and I took a deep breath and started the process all over again.  I must say we were much more efficient this time, having done this before.  In fact, we were like a well-oiled ice cream machine!  In an effort to figure out what had gone wrong, I spoke to Mom. This is always a good idea whenever anything doesn't work, I've found. She suggested that since cheap sugar is not good for making frosting or candy, it may not be good for ice cream, either.  Aha!  In an effort to be more frugal, I had purchased the dreaded store brand sugar.  No more!  This time, with Domino sugar, the ice cream actually froze!  JOY!  We added the candy canes, and it is in the freezer hardening.  Of course, we couldn't put it all in the freezer.  The kids and I each tried a bit of soft ice cream.  Rory pronounced it good, and named it "Candy Cane Surprise...Candy Cane in Every Bite!"  We now look forward to eating the rest of it!
My other news is that, after refusing for months, I have finally joined Facebook.  My worst fears were realized on Saturday, when I spent a major portion of the day trying to put a picture on my profile.  AAAAAHHH!  I don't have time for this!  But it has been nice to be able to connect with old friends that I haven't spoken to in a while.  I absolutely will not get on Farmtown, though.  A girl has to draw the line, somewhere.

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  1. Yay for technology!!!!! Okay, I'm just cracking up here at you joining facebook, especially after the last conversation we had where you were adamant. You've come over to the DARK SIDE!!! LOL

    Love you!


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