Sunday, January 31, 2010

Chaos Theory

Those scientists who developed the theory of evolution apparently never lived at my house.  How could they possibly believe that disorder, left to itself, can somehow turn into order?  I have proof that it takes organization and supervision to begin to keep even a small house in order.  Maybe the scientists didn't have any children, spouses, or pets...or food...or clothes...or appliances...or water heaters (ours seems to be not completely fixed yet)...but I digress.  Any given day, my house looks either like we have a lot of stuff piled around, or like we have a lot of stuff strewn around.  On a good day, the stuff is basically where it is supposed to be (in my mind, at least).  On a bad day, don't want to know.  My point is, if the house is left to itself, and nobody cleans it up, it gets more and more disorganized, and things start to break.  This disintegration of order begins almost immediately. I have never left my house to itself for any amount of time and found it to be in better shape.  (It stays about the same when we go on vacation, but we usually have to clean out the refrigerator and the hamster cage when we get back).  Trying to imagine that a bunch of sludge somehow organized itself into a cell, which then organized itself into a reproducible organism, which then evolved into complex life forms, ending in the "highly evolved" human takes a bit more faith than believing that there is an intelligent creator who organized and is supervising the world.  We all agree that human beings have some part in the eventual destruction of the earth.  I believe that this started when Adam and Eve ate the fruit that was forbidden by God, following Satan, and brought sin and death into the world.  At that point, the world started its journey from perfection to chaos.  The good news is that we can skip ahead in the book to where there is a new heaven and a new earth.We will have new, indestructible bodies and a new house, and we will get to meet our loving God face to face.  I wonder if we will still have water heaters?

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