Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dear Lily!

It has been a busy weekend for my little girl! Yes, she is officially a 2 year old girl, not so much a baby anymore. Sometimes it is hard to believe she has been around so long, and sometimes it seems that she's been here forever.  She spent yesterday (her birthday) watching her brother play baseball (she thinks she's part of the team), eating at a restaurant overlooking the Hudson River, getting "milk from the cows" (we buy our milk at a local dairy farm), and watching "The Muppet Show."  Today, she went to church, had lunch (spaghetti, her favorite) and birthday cake with Grandma, Aunt Cammie, and Uncle Chris, played, and watched "The Muppet Show."  Yes, "The Muppet Show" is her current favorite thing in the world.  She was a bit upset that I only let her watch it once today.  She also managed to use the potty once today, after being dry for about 15 hours straight.  I do not know how she managed that one.  Anyway, by tonight she was completely worn out.  This was the first night in several that I had no trouble getting her into bed!

Tomorrow is Monday, and back to normal life.  I am trying out a new schedule.  I realized that I had scheduled myself and Rory, but not Lily.  She doesn't really have any responsibilities, but her activities do need to be taken into account.  So she now has her own schedule.  I also hadn't provided Rory with a time to do his chores, so he basically didn't get any done.  Now, he has chore time built in.  I also scheduled daily devotions for myself in the morning, which is something I tend to not find time for.  We'll see how this works.  I've actually been looking into "Managers of Their Homes" from Titus  Is that what you were trying, Stephanie?  Has it been helpful?  Or, has anyone else tried it?  It looks like it might be helpful.  I am determined to get organized, somehow!  My next project (other than the chicken coop), is getting my desk in seems to be the worst spot in the house, for some reason.

My schedule says I need to get up at 6:00 tomorrow morning, so I think I had better end this post and get ready for bed!  Goodnight!

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  1. Hi Robin, Sorry I haven't made it over to see you life is CRAZY with three. And Happy Birthday Lily. Talia is in 12 months now if you have anything it would be great thanks!! Stephanie


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