Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Homekeeper's Journal

In my yard… Trying to keep up with the vegetables, looking at the empty space left by the huge bush that was pulled up by the wind last week.
On my grill… Nothing today, but yesterday we had hot dogs and potatoes!
With my children… Rory had his award ceremony for baseball tonight.  He was so excited to get his trophy!  Lily, as usual, Will Not Go To Sleep....
On my mind… H0w to get a 2 year old to stay in bed.
The book of the Bible I keep finding myself turning to lately… Paul's letters.
I am reading… Just finished a mystery by Elizabeth Peters, which I couldn't put down and stayed up much too late last night because I needed to find out what happened.  Have a large biography of Martin Luther from the library which I plan to start If Lily Ever Goes To Bed!
I am looking forward to… Some relaxation...no school, no baseball.  Also, going to visit my family in a few weeks!

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