Saturday, July 3, 2010


 Rory "marched" in his first real parade, today.  He reminded me that he marched in a parade last year for T-ball, but that one went only to the ballpark from the firehouse next door, and only included baseball players.  He is playing in a different league, this year, which is run by the Hyde Park Baptist Church.  It has been a great experience, and he was able to march in the Hyde Park 4th of July Parade (on July 3, but oh, well!)  As we were waiting for the parade to start, the pastor realized that I would be marching with Lily, and asked if we would like to ride in the car (a red mustang convertible) that was following the group.  Cool!  So, Rory got in the back and got to sit up on the back of the car with another guy, and Lily and I got into the front passenger seat.  At this point, Lily started screaming.  I figured maybe she was tired or hungry, so I tried to cuddle her, and tried giving her graham crackers.  No dice.  She wanted to "walk."  So, Rory stayed in the car, and Lily and I  That is to say, I walked, and Lily rode...on me. Yes, Rory enjoyed the applause and waved to everyone in the crowd, while I CARRIED Lily the entire way.  It was okay, and we all survived.  Then, we got finished marching and had to WALK all the way back to the car!  Luckily, Rita's ice cream stand had a truck set up in one of the parking lots, and were giving out FREE Italian Ice's (Yay, Rita's!), so we got a little break (and thanks to Lily, the sidewalk got a treat).  Then, it was lunchtime, so we stopped at McDonalds, which was about halfway back to the car.  There, Lily spilled her milk all over (I still can't master my Mom's method of putting the straw through the seal on top of the milk containers), and I managed to completely lose my sunglasses (again).  But, we finally made it back to the car, and I managed to drive home without falling asleep at the wheel!  Rory started the parade waving meekly, and ended it yelling "Happy 4th!" and drawing big # 4's in the air while (Rory style) wiggling around in 20 different directions.  He was in his glory!  So, next time he decides to be in a parade, Lily and I will be parking near the end and watching him go by!  Happy 4th, everyone!

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  1. Hi Robin,
    Happy 4th of July. I am so pleased you enjoyed the nut bars. They are so easy to make.


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