Friday, January 21, 2011

Our New Baby!

Meet Honey!  

This is our new puppy.  We have been wanting to get a dog for a while, but were waiting until after the holidays.  Well, January 10 was our final "Christmas."  We celebrated here with Mike's family.  So, I spent the next week getting the Christmas decorations put away, and on Monday, January 17 we made the trip to Pancake Hollow Farm, where we were able to visit with the dogs and puppies.  Honey was Mike's favorite, so here she is!  So far, we've found that she is great motivation to pick up the floor, as she is chewing everything, and watching where you walk, as she is not housetrained yet.  So, now I'm trying to potty train 2 babies!  But, just like all babies, she's so sweet and fun that she makes up for the inconvenience!  As you can see, she is also already a Yankee fan, and is giving Mike competition for his couch!

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