Sunday, March 6, 2011

Extreme Makeover, Blog Edition

"Music of the Heart" family, here is your new blog!  I've done some renovation, and I would love to know what you think.  I've tried to clean it up a bit, and make it easier to navigate.

Blogs are kind of like houses, I've found.  If you keep bringing things in, and don't take anything out, you end up with a clutter problem.  I've added a few new things, so I eliminated a few old ones.  

One change is that I am only displaying one post on the page at a time.  Other recent posts can be accessed from the snippets in the upper right hand corner.  I've also added the "Amazon Shelfari," which I saw on another blog and liked quite a bit!  It is a bookshelf of some of my favorite books.  Under Shelfari, you will find a widget from Suite101 which displays links to my last three articles and my profile.  I removed the blog archive, because I've never even used it myself.  If you want to read other posts, you can click on the categories in the list at the right to find posts about those subjects.  

I was pretty happy to find the book picture, because in case you haven't gathered yet, I love books!  This kind of reminded me of the bookshelves in my front hallway.  I enjoyed the birds I had on the former screen, but I am a little tired of white - it is still white outside my window.  In fact, today the air is almost as white as the ground.  It is drizzly and foggy here.  Happily, there is some bare ground showing (especially over the septic tank), so things are looking up.  Spring may get here eventually.  Until then, join me in my little library here, and we will tackle the world's problems together.

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  1. I like books too! I also find blog categories more useful that the archives!

    I've always liked your blog name. Music of the Heart paints a lot of visual pictures in my mind!

    Hope you have a blessed week!


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