Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Here is an update on my recent posts:

Desk - almost clean - have to put away one DVD - "Franklin Camps Out" (Lily's), one pair of "WEDNESDAY" panties (also Lily's), and one birthday card (Mike's).  Oh, and one pencil (probably mine).

Suite101 - 3 articles, 190 pageviews, 54 cents (odd thing, here - one of my articles shows up a page behind my blog post about it, and another a page behind a "news" site which printed half of my article).

Adsense - 23 page impressions, 0.00 dollars

Story - This one wasn't in a post, but I entered a story writing contest in December.  The winners were announced today - not me - so if anyone knows what I can do with a 1,210 word story, let me know!  Rory was just as happy, because then we can "keep" the story, and read it whenever we want!

School - Rory got all of his schoolwork done before lunch, so we went to Friendly's, and he got to spend the rest of his birthday money at Walmart (a lego set, of course!)

Lily's Hair - Lily actually wanted to buy hair bands at the store.  She was rather perturbed that she couldn't wear them before we paid for them.  She really wanted the purple one.

Well, that's all the news that's fit to print - hey, it could end up on a news site, if "Teaching Music To Your Children" did!

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