Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cooking with Kids

Rolling in the dough!
Cooking with kids is always an adventure.  I am blessed with two kids who really love to cook.  Lily's favorite thing to make is tortillas, seconded by bread.  She really loves to help me cook anything, and will pull a chair up to the counter any time she sees me getting food out.  She loves the processes of kneading, rolling, and shaping dough.  She also loves eating the results!

Artistic Presentation
Rory is the resident presentation expert.  While most of us would simply put the food on a plate, Rory's is always arranged.  This is his version of a fruit salad, shaped like a face!  As you can see, he also likes to be stylish while cooking, wearing Dad's apron and chef's hat.

Mix it up!
Rory is also the family chemist.  He loves mixing things together to see what they will become.  This has produced some interesting recipes, including "Italian Cereal," which basically includes every kind of cereal in the cupboard mixed together, as well as various other ingredients such as nuts and crackers.  In the recipe section of this blog, you can find Rory's recipes for Black Bean Soup and Liquid Ice, both developed by Rory, himself.

Cooking with kids is not always easy.  It is generally time consuming and messy, but it is definitely worth all of the trouble.  The sense of accomplishment they feel when they can tell Dad "I made this!" is worth all of the clean houses in the world.  As parents, we are required to train our children.  We should really be working ourselves out of a job!  Time spent teaching our kids to feed themselves will never be wasted, and the time we get to spend side by side with our kids, working together, is priceless.

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