Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Morning Musings

Happy Monday, everyone!  I am up before the kids, so I'm enjoying a little quiet time before the day gets into full swing.  Last week was a hard, busy one for our family.  First of all, the kids and I all got sick.  We must have had the flu, because it hit full force and all of a sudden.  Rory didn't get out of bed at all on Tuesday, except to use the bathroom.  If you know Rory, you will realize how scary that was to watch!  He never lays down for that long.  I got sick at the same time, and then Lily started feeling bad, too.  Mike took the day off work on Wednesday so that I could rest.  That was a big help!  I wasn't well, but I'm sure I would have been worse without the extra sleep.  We are still all coughing and sneezing a bit, but the fevers and aches seem to be gone.

During all of this, Friday night was the AWANA Pinewood Derby.  If you don't know what this is, I will enlighten you.  It is a car race.  The kids get these little blocks of wood, and they have to make them into little wooden cars (about 5" long).  Then, on the night of the derby, a big track is set up.  Four cars race at a time, and each car races four times.  The track works by gravity.  It is raised at the starting end, and then swoops down to the finish.  There is a trigger mechanism which lets all four cars go at the same time, and an electronic eye at the other end which records the time for each car as it goes underneath.  Rory won two of his races, and came in 2nd on two more.  At the end of all of these races (there were about 40!), they find the cars with the four fastest scores, and they race for the trophies.  My goodness!  It was quite the big deal!  There were also prizes for design, and there were some really inventive cars.  Rory's favorite had Lego's mounted to the top.  Well, Rory didn't win a trophy, so he was a bit disappointed.  However, we went to McDonalds afterwards, which cheered him right up.

After the late night Friday, we all had to get up early on Saturday to go to the first day of Baseball!  Luckily it was relatively warm outside.  Rory was happy to find that he head the same coach as last year.  He really liked her!  They got their schedules, did some warm-ups, and played one "game" with each kid getting up to hit once.  Then it was over.  It was much too short for Rory.  He was having a good time.  Well, this is just the beginning.  We will be spending every Saturday there for the next three months!

Yesterday was church.  Mike went to Sunday School, but I let the kids sleep in so that they could get through church okay.  Lily still had a little trouble.  She just wasn't feeling well, yet.  I went out last night to get some groceries.

Today, it's drizzly outside.  We are staying home!  Hopefully we can all get better before the next whirlwind arrives.  We also have a bit of schoolwork to catch up on, since we missed a few days last week.  I'm relieved.  I have to submit my 3rd quarter report to the school with Rory's progress on Friday, so I need the time to get caught up.  I also need to get started on Lily's and my Easter dresses.  So, everyone have a great Monday!


  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Emily raced in a pinewood derby when she was in AWANA and loved it! Congratulations to Rory!!

  2. So sorry you all have been so sick, but very thankful that you are feeling better. I will pray for a full recovery for your family and the strength to get all those projects done that you need to. Have a great week!

  3. Thank God the worst bits - fever and cold are over. Do have a great week too

  4. Thank you all for your well-wishes! The house is a wreck still, but I'm starting to get enough energy to dig a bit each day!


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