Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Family Bible Time - Take 2

Good morning, everyone!  I have found a great resource for family Bible time.  It is this book:  "Our 24 Family Ways" by Clay Clarkson.  I was so pleased when the book came to my door.  It includes a list of 24 biblical values which you can explore with the whole family.  Each "way" has been fleshed out with bible verses, conversation starters, and even coloring pages for the younger kids.  We have just started using the book, but as we read through all of the "ways," we were able to agree with all of them as a family.  I think this will be very helpful as we attempt to train our children to be followers of Christ.  If they can understand these 24 "ways," they will have a very good foundation of how to live as an effective Christian.  They will also be better able to get along with other people, and to simply get along in life!  Come to think of it, the parents will probably benefit in the same way!  I believe that this will help us to grow closer as a family...closer to each other, and closer to God.

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  1. I see ou're making headway with your home schooling christian curriculum :)


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