Monday, June 20, 2011

Hiking Dover Stone Church, Dover Plains, New York

We decided to go hiking, today.  Mike had the idea of going for a picnic, so we tried to think of somewhere to go.  Who knew that there was a natural wonder less than a mile from our house?
We have seen this sign, before, and had heard about the Dover Stone Church, but none of us had ever been there.  So, we packed up some chicken sandwiches, and away we went.
As we left the sidewalk, we walked up a short driveway, and all of a sudden came upon this stairway, which descends to a path through a meadow.  At the end of the path is another, shorter stairway ascending to the woods.  We got to the edge of the woods, and had our picnic.
As we went through the woods, we came to a bridge across the Stone Church Brook.  We had a nice hike through the woods.  At first, it was a nice open path.  As we got deeper into the woods, we found ourselves stepping from rock to rock alongside a creek of tiny waterfalls. 
As we were watching our footing so carefully, it was a surprise when we finally came up on the Stone Church.
The closer we got, the more awesome it was.  The brook runs straight through it, and the floor is made up of water and stepping stones.
When we went back to the car, we looked up and saw this beautiful rainbow cloud!  What a beautiful day in God's amazing creation.


  1. What a lovely day and place. Love all the beautiful pictures. So glad you were able to share this moment with your family.

    In Him,

  2. Thanks for linking up to the brand NEW Field trip Hop. Love all the beautiful pictures and catching a rainbow at the end was so special:) What a great place to hike, my kids would have loved that too. Glad to hear it is close to you cause now that you found it you can go back and see it again:)

  3. Wow, what a beautiful place! Sounds like a lovely day!

  4. What an awesome discovery! Your pictures are wonderful.

  5. What beautiful scenery! Following from the field trip hop!


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