Thursday, March 8, 2012

Not-So-Simple Food...For Rory

Okay, you are going to laugh.  My last two posts had to do with how we simplify our food and making ice cream.  So, we go to the doctor yesterday for Rory's yearly check-up.  He's been generally healthy, but we had a few minor concerns.  The doctor checks him over and said he had symptoms of being intolerant of dairy products.  Not an allergy, but maybe a sensitivity.  So, he recommended that Rory not be given any dairy products for a month to see if it helps.
So Sorry, Cows!
My stupendous menu includes for the next week or so...chicken parmesan, quiche, quesadillas, burritos, pizza, and cheese ravioli.  Hah!  Also, leftover pancakes (made from milk) and yogurt with granola.  Do you realize how many times a week we use dairy products?  Plus, the kids drink milk for most meals.  And, Rory reminded me, we have ice cream cones, which is a rare treat.

I stopped at a health food store on the way home, and bought some almond milk, almond milk yogurt, and rice milk ice cream (for the cones, of course).  It would probably be simpler just to not have Rory eat these types of food for a month, but I couldn't imagine trying to make him go "cold turkey" without some sort of substitute!  Besides, if this turns into a permanent thing, it will be good to know what some of the options are.

So, welcome to the world of recipe modification, label-reading (there are dairy-based ingredients in our favorite bread, and - gasp - chocolate chips, for example), and asking everyone at Sunday's pot-luck what is in their dishes.  Blah!  But, as I told Rory, if it makes him feel better, it will be worth it.


  1. Just curious if you've thought about trying raw milk and dairy products with him. Many people are sensitive to pasteurized and homogenized dairy products but are perfectly fine with raw dairy. I would have such a hard time cutting out dairy. Here is a post I wrote on the subject, if you are interested in learning more:

    1. Actually, we've been drinking raw milk for almost 2 years. We haven't used raw cheese and things, though. I hadn't thought of that. Thanks!


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