Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Patrick - by Rory

We've been reading about St. Patrick  this week in anticipation of the holiday.  Actually, we've been loosely following a one-week unit study I received free from Knowledge Quest.  They have an e-newsletter you can sign up for, and you get free materials from time to time.  I highly recommend it for homeschooling!  Of course, they have plenty of things you can buy, also.  Anyway, included with the unit study was a free 33-page book written by Jennaya Dunlap called "St. Patrick: Sower of Light in Ireland."  So, Rory's report is based mostly on this book.  Just so you know, I am not receiving any money for telling you about this site - I just think it's a good thing and wanted to share :)  And without further ado, here is Rory's report.

St. Patrick

It was the dark ages.  BAD things were happening to Patrick.  First he was taken from his home in England, and then jeered on by sailors.  What a horrible life!  But God was not through with him, yet, and still protecting him.  But still, more bad things were to come, for as he got older, one time, finally, he got killed.  But before that, he met lots of friends, taught lots of people about Christ, and made his best friend, side kick and companion, Benen, who stayed with him and was another great missionary with him and the king's son.  What a great friend!  He went to lots of places.  He was first taken as a slave in Ireland, and met up with an army from Wales, and he went back to Roman England, where he lived before he was taken as a slave in Ireland.  He went to many places, met many people, taught many sermons, and lived a great life, and God was with him all the while.  The End.

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