Friday, April 20, 2012


Too tired.  Exhausted, really.  I can feel myself walking around with a drawn expression on my face.  My mind is wandering around somewhere else.

Rory's blood tests came back this week, and the results were not particularly good.  He has allergies to dairy and gluten, borderline vitamin D levels, and low adrenal function.  That last one is the worst.  And because of it, we now have to keep him away from not only dairy and gluten, but chocolate, caffeine, soy, artificial sweeteners, and artificial coloring.  It seems that his adrenal glands are taxed beyond their abilities, and we have to try to get all of the toxins out of him, while putting only good stuff in.

This is a little difficult, as it involves a really hard food switch, but more than that, I'm a worried mom!  I find myself watching him for any little sign that he's getting better, or worse.  I read labels, and find out there's all sorts of junk in so many foods I thought were healthy.  Innocuous things like milk and wheat are now the enemy, and soy is in everything!  It is incredibly difficult to find foods that don't have at least one of the things he's not supposed to have.  I'm even having trouble finding the vitamins he should have - why in the world do vitamin C pills need yellow artificial coloring ?!

So right now I should either be doing dishes, or be in bed, but I'm writing because I have to get this mess out of my head somehow.  I'm not sure it's helping, but hopefully I can make some sense of things.

Rory is also tired, and hungry.  I think he's been tired for a while, and just didn't realize what it was, because it was just normal to him.  I'm trying to get him to pay attention to how he's feeling, and take it easy when he needs to so that his body can start to heal.  I'm not sure why he's hungry.  Maybe it's psychological, because he knows there are things he can't eat.  Maybe it's his body going into some sort of withdrawal from the dairy and gluten, like trying to give up cigarettes or coffee.  Maybe he's growing.  Maybe his body needs more food to heal itself.  Whatever it is, it seems to be real, because he gets really tired, and then perks up after he's eaten something.

The good thing is, there are plenty of things he can eat;  vegetables, fruit, meat, rice and some other grains.  He's not allergic to goat or sheep's milk, so he can have some cheeses.  He can have nuts.  I guess it's not a terrible thing to avoid candy, cookies, ice cream and chocolate.  Well, I'd have a pretty hard time with that last one!

So right now, I'm trying to find alternatives for the things he really likes, and to figure out how to bake without wheat or dairy.  Other than that, we will all be eating a whole lot more "meat and potatoes" type meals, and a lot less pasta and pizza.

I just pray that he will heal.  That this will be enough.  Even if he has to watch his diet for the rest of his life, it will be much better than medications and surgery.  And I thank God that we switched doctors when we did, because his former doctor didn't catch on to any of the signs that he was having problems, and I didn't realize what was going on, either.

Okay, now I will try to catch up on my dishes and get to bed, because we have baseball practice tomorrow!

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