Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Woo hoo! I'm an Author!

I am sooooo excited!  My curriculum finally went up for sale at Currclick!  It was a bit of a process, because I missed some aspects of the application somehow the first time around, but when I hadn't heard anything for a while, I contacted the publishing department, and a very nice and patient lady named Leah e-mailed me through everything step by step!  So, you can now buy "The History and Geography of New York State:  A Literature-based Guide" by Robin L. Wheatley at Currclick!  I also now have an "official" publisher's account, with an "official" logo:
What do you think?  I spent most of the morning trying to design this thing.  Pictures are NOT my forte!

So, now all I need is for people to buy it, and to leave a review if possible!  

Actually, it's a huge relief, and also a bit of a let-down to have this finally done.  It's been hours and years of work, but I kind of feel like one of my kids grew up and moved out on their own!  I'm actually thinking of starting another curriculum for "For Love of Books" to publish (heehee), this time about music.  What do you think?

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