Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Free Fairy Dress Box Templates from My Memories Suite

Fairy Dress Boxes from My Memories Suite
Note:  This promotion is no longer in effect.  You can still buy the templates for around $1.50 at this link:

It has been a while since I reviewed My Memories Suite.  As a My Memories Suite member, I receive e-mails about new products that have come out.  Well, it has been over a year since I started using the software, and they have continued to expand their product.  One of the things they have added recently are three dimensional projects you can print off and put together.  From now until February 11, you can download these Fairy Dress Boxes for free!  There are three separate color schemes:
Black and White
Green and Purple


I'm thinking of Lily's birthday, which is coming up in May - can't you see these as perfect party favors for little girls?  Especially the pinks!  Happy crafting!

If you don't have My Memories Suite software, you can buy it here, and if you use my code - STSMMMS61757 - you can get it for $10 off!  Otherwise, enjoy the freebies!

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  1. Those would be adorable party favors or you could even use them for name cards :) I left a message for you on my last blog post. Have a great day!


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