Friday, January 25, 2013

Needle Felting!

I have to share some of my creations with you today.  I have been teaching myself to needle felt.  It is slightly dangerous, especially for us uncoordinated folk, as you are poking rather quickly with very sharp needles into little things that you're holding in your hand, but unless you're Sleeping Beauty, a few poke marks aren't too bad.

I had looked into this craft a little, and gotten a book out of the library, but wasn't sure where to begin. So I did what all people who don't know where to begin get started - I bought a kit.

The kit had needles, a foam block, and felt to make a gnome.  Of course, once I made one gnome, Lily thought we needed a girl gnome too.  So, here they are:
Needle felted gnomes!
Not bad for a first attempt, huh?  Well, I made a tiny turkey and cornucopia for Thanksgiving decorations (which are in the attic with the other decorations so you can't see them now), and then some snowmen for Christmas gifts (which are with their new owners so you can't see them either).  Then, I made an owl for Hubby - he has his Mom's owl collection, and has been adding to it over the years.  I meant to make it for Christmas, but ran out of time, so I made it the other day.
Hubby's needle felted owl

And the back
I made the little nest after the fact.  I don't think snowy owls lay blue eggs, but maybe I'll make a robin sometime.  The last thing I made was a doll, which Lily has claimed.  I guess I need to come up with something to make Rory now!  Lily has already commissioned a boy doll, with longer arms, for herself.
Needle felted doll
Back view of doll
Doll with four year old!
Just so you can get an idea of the size, here's the whole group next to a 28 oz. tomato can.
So, my next question is, do you think anyone would want to buy things like this?  I need a little more practice, but I think they could be cute.  And I'm afraid my house would be taken over eventually, so I'm hoping there are others who would like them?  And if so, what in the world would I charge?  Things to consider, but until then, I'm going to have fun with my new hobby!


  1. They are cute! You could try and sell them. When figuring out what to charge, you have to figure out the cost of materials plus how long does one take you to make. Then add a bit for a profit.

  2. Thanks, Terri - how much do you figure for an hour? Each one takes a different amount of time, based mostly on complexity, so I suppose they would be different prices.


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