Monday, January 14, 2013


Homemade spaghetti
I received a slew of kitchen things for Christmas this year.  In the picture, you see a cookbook and stand from my sister.  It is such a cool book - Jam It, Pickle It, Cure It: And Other Cooking Projects by Karen Solomon.  The front of the book also says "make your own bacon, cheese, marshmallows, and more".  Now, I can almost imagine those three things together...but anyway, I decided to start in the pasta section.

One reason for this, is that my mother-in-law gave me her gently used pasta roller.  Heeheehee!  My ultimate idea is to try to make gluten-free pasta, but I thought I should try to make the regular stuff, first.  So, here is the result!  I think I finally figured it out by the end.  We will be eating it later tonight, and I'll let you know how it tastes!  I did find out that Lily is a cracker-jack pasta roller operator.  Rory was a bit jealous, but unfortunately was still working on his math and couldn't help (mean mom!)  Maybe he'll have more incentive to get his work done next time?

Now, a small confession - I planned to make pasta when I made out my weekly menu, but bought a box at the grocery store, anyway, in case it didn't work.  I am sure that this shows a lack of faith in some way, but I choose to believe that I am just being a good boy scout.

So, this is an odd time for me to be writing, but if I have a chance I will follow up tonight with a post either extolling the wonderfulness of my pasta-making skills or lamenting the pile of mush I was forced to throw away in favor of the cheap, dry, boxed stuff.  Until then, Bon Appetit!

Look here for the results...Spaghetti part II

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