Monday, April 21, 2014

Does God Know Everything?

My 11-year-old philosopher came out with a doozy of a concept last night.  He said that sometimes he feels sorry for God, because he knows what's going to happen all the time, so he can't feel surprise.  He concluded that God must feel bored.

So I had to wonder.  Does God really know everything?  Can he not be surprised by anything?  If so, what is the use of thinking or trying or anything, really?  If no matter what you do it's already figured out ahead of time?

So here's what I think...

I know that God knows the whole plan.  He knew from the beginning how things would end.  He created everything, and set the world in motion.

I know that God is still involved in the world He made.  He is ultimately in charge, and can create or destroy as He wishes.

I know that God cannot control people.  He made us with a free will, so I think this is where the surprise comes in.  God has a plan for each of us when we are born.  Maybe even before we are born.  But it is up to us to agree to the plan.  We don't have to!  I keep thinking about the part in Isaiah where God is asking "Who will go?" and Isaiah jumps up to volunteer.  How many people heard the call and ignored it?  Or weren't paying attention enough to hear it in the first place?  Did God know that Isaiah was the one who would agree, or was He surprised?

What if God doesn't really know who will follow His plan?  What if He is waiting, moment by moment, to see what will happen?

Jesus said that the angels in Heaven rejoice over one sinner being saved.  I think it surprises them!  And I think it surprises God!  Because I think that up until that moment, He is not sure what will happen.

We don't have to accept God.  We don't have to follow Him.  If we choose to walk away, we can.  But remember who you're walking away from.

If you decide to live apart from God, He will let you.  He has no choice.  He cannot make you love Him, or even believe in Him.  He created you with the ability to choose your own path in life.  It is your gift, and your birthright.

If you choose to walk away from God, He cannot follow you.  You gain the ability to do whatever you want, but you lose the protection and guidance of the creator of Heaven and Earth.

If you don't follow God's plan for your life, He will still accomplish His purpose with someone else.  It won't change what ultimately happens.  It will, however, change what happens to you.

People were made with an eternal spirit.  "In God's Image."  So think about what you want to do for the rest of eternity.  You have a choice.  You can choose to spend eternity in the perfect life that God has lovingly created for you.  Or you can try to make it on your own.  But you only have this short life on Earth to decide how you want to spend forever.  You can't change your mind after your body is buried in the ground.  If you deny Him now, He will deny you until the end of time.

You know how some surprises are good, like birthday presents, and some are bad, like car accidents?  Well, I want to be a good surprise for God.  The kind where your long-lost child shows up at the front door and says "I'm home!"  Not the kind where your child leaves in a huff and never comes back, or simply wanders off and gets lost.

I know I don't have all of the answers.  I don't always make the best decisions.  Sometimes I honestly think it's right and it's not, and sometimes I act recklessly and don't think at all.  I really don't trust my eternity to my judgement.  I can screw it up in far too many ways.

I know that I need to rely more on God, and less on me.

I know that God's plans for my life are perfect.

I know that what God asks me to do might not be easy, but I also know that if He asks it, He will give me the ability to do it.

I thank God for my son.  He makes me think about things like this.  I can very easily get comfortable and lax in my walk with God, especially when things are going along pretty well.  But Rory is a gift.  He always keeps me wondering, and pondering, and asking the questions that will grow my faith.  He is not an easy child.  He is so much more than that!  And yes, with him, I'm always surprised!

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