Saturday, May 10, 2014

K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple, Sister!)

Tomorrow is Mother's Day.  A day fraught with danger.  A day of unfulfilled wishes and shattered dreams...

Okay, maybe not that.  But it really can be a difficult day for people.  Those who have lost their mothers or their children, or were unwilling or unable to have children, can feel left out and let down.  Even mothers with children can feel let down.  There is so much hype about this day, and it never seems to be the perfect day you planned.

Being a mother can be a dangerous occupation.  It is completely unpredictable, and nothing seems to turn out the way you expect it to.

You have visions of this:

And instead you get this:
And you wonder what went wrong!

I've had two sick kids this week.  They both have the stomach flu.  While it has saved on groceries, it's been bad in the laundry and sleep departments.  We've missed horseback riding and baseball.  Rory started his yearly standardized test and hasn't been able to finish it.  I've been living on leftovers and non-smelly foods so that I don't trigger anyone's nausea by cooking anything, even for myself.  Life is not what was expected.

I expect a lot out of myself, and my kids.  And I frequently fail on my end.  I see other parents, and read about other families, and try to do things like that.  Why can't I have a clean house, clean, well-behaved kids, and a clean, well-behaved dog, for example?  Why don't my kids jump at the chance to do their schoolwork or clean their rooms?  Why would they prefer to watch TV or play Minecraft all day?  What have I done wrong? 

I found a Bible verse on Facebook today, and shared it on my wall.  It turns out that it's a favorite of some of my friends, also.
I have this written on the front of my Homeschool notebook.  It sums it all up, doesn't it?  This is all that is required.  Even for mothers.  Who can go wrong if they do everything with justice, mercy, and humility?  

There are seasons in all of our lives.  I don't mean the kind of seasons that bring snow or flowers.  I mean the kind that bring sickness or health, ease or hardship.  Babies or teenagers or grown up kids.  

I have to remember that my kids are not a reflection of me.  They are separate people with their own lives, even when their lives are so tied to mine.  I have to remember that my expectations for them may not be the expectations they have for themselves, or that God has for them.  Sometimes it is harder to show justice, mercy, and humility to my kids than to anyone else, because my own ego is tied up in their performance.  But I know this is wrong.  They are not here to boost my ego.  I am here to love them, protect them, and teach them.  No matter what.  Even when they look like this.

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