Monday, August 6, 2012

Vacation Bible School - Day 1

This week is VBS at my church, the Second Baptist Church of Dover.  Our theme this week is "Wilderness Bible Camp", and the activities and lessons are based on a camping theme - complete with a tent, and (plastic) bacon and eggs over the campfire!

We are taking donations through the week to benefit the local food pantry, run by the Center for Compassion.  It was originally started by the Catholic Church, but since our town is small, the local churches got together and agreed that we could do more good as a group than running our separate pantries.  So, The Hope Chest Thrift Store was born, with the food pantry in the back.  It is located in a central part of town, near the railroad station, and only about a block from our church.  Our church supports them regularly, and this week we are collecting specifically for their "Backpack Program," which aids school children by giving them backpacks of food on Friday to take home for the weekend.

The spiritual theme we are working with is "Trust and Obey,"  focusing on trusting God in all circumstances.  Today, the kids learned about God parting the Red Sea to let the nation of Israel go through, and drowning the Egyptian army which was trying to chase them.  They made camp journals, and started working on some backpacks.  We have a great group of kids, about half of which attend our church regularly.  We're praying for God to work in the lives of the children, the families, and the workers as we go through the week.

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  1. Sounds fun! Just remember to send Veronica back to our church at the end of the week. ;-)


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