Tuesday, August 7, 2012

VBS - Day Two

We had an interesting music lesson today - the kids learned what a fermata is!  We're singing "Trust and Obey" from the hymnal - a lesson in itself for some of them - and it includes that silly little"bird's eye" in the chorus.  The kids thought it was hilarious to see who could hold the note out longest!  I guess they won't soon forget that lesson!  The funny thing is, just as I finished writing about this, my kids came into the office/music room to get the hymnal, and I can hear them in the living room singing it now!

Hopefully they won't forget the spiritual lesson they learned today - that God will provide.  The Bible story was about Elijah, and how he was fed first by ravens and then by a poor widow with only enough flour left for one loaf of bread.  That is a hard thing to get our minds around as adults, though maybe it's easier for kids to grasp, because they're used to being provided for by their parents.

It's amazing to me that God wants us to call him "Father."  Can you imagine?  The creator and sustainer of the universe wants to be our Dad?  To provide for us, and take care of us?  Unbelievable!  But we're called to believe.  We have to.  Maybe that's why Jesus said that we had to be born again, and that we had to be like children.  Children have a definite advantage over the cynical, hardened adults we can become.

But that's one of the joys of working with children.  You get to see first hand what Jesus was talking about.  It can be hard work, but just being around a group of kids puts more joy into your life than you can imagine! I am so thankful for this VBS week!  I think the adults might just learn as much as the kids.

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